More than 100 puppies rescued after crash in New York

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Posted on: July 11, 2017

AVOCA, N.Y.– A transport van bring more than 100 pups reversed on a highway in New york city Tuesday, authorities with a local shelter reported.The Finger Lakes SPCA stated the New York State Police called them for aid after the crash on Interstate 86 in Avoca.

“Young pups of varying breed types (including lots of toy and smaller types) were removed from a transport van one at a time by police,” the FLSPCA said on Facebook.The FLSPCA said personnel with T & R Towing set up a short-lived & corral for the pups.”[ The young puppies] were then handed to the on-site L.V.T., Andrea Williams, for triage,”shelter officials stated.”There were no casualties, but 2 pups had severe injuries(one had a fractured jaw and one had a fractured leg).” “Eighty-six puppies were protected in a seclusion area at the Finger Lakes SPCA with the remainder being housed and taken care of at the Bath Veterinary Health center,”shelter officials stated. Many questioned why there were a lot of puppies in the transport van.According to WMGT in New York, the chauffeur was providing the pups to regional pet shops. She repelled the shoulder and into a ditch on the side of the highway, overturning the vehicle.Concerned animal lovers

questioned whether the pets had come from pup mills. “While we too hate puppy mills,

we understand of no methods to lawfully confiscate animals only due to the fact that there is a strong possibility that a puppy originated from one, “shelter officials stated.They did say the pups seemed healthy

and revealed no indications of abuse.”No health problems that would suggest an animal cruelty issue could be established by veterinary medical specialists who took a look at the pups,”officials stated. All however four pups were released back to the transportation business on Thursday, the FLSPCA stated. The staying 4 were still receiving healthcare. “We would like to reveal our severe appreciation to the New york city State Troopers, T & R Towing, Bath Veterinary Health center, FLSPCA staff and volunteers for all of their efforts to activate and rapidly assist these animals. We would also want to & thank our community for their concern for these pups,”shelter officials stated.

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