Unusual Irish Valentine’s Day gift ideas

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Posted on: July 11, 2017
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St. Valentine’s Day is less than a week away! If you’re still having a hard time to find the perfect present for your liked one, and the classics of jewelry, chocolate, and flowers just won’t qualify, how about something more unusual to show how much you care?While the IrishCentral shop has plenty of incredible fashion jewelry pieces readily available for the huge day(the top 5 which you can see here), sometimes, something a little unusual says so much more.Buy a gift that is totally unanticipated, and definitely not

something you ‘d typically buy for yourself, and it makes certain to make it more remarkable. Here are the top 5 most popular strange and wacky Valentine’s Day presents from IrishCentral. Store to motivate you in advance of St. Valentine’s Day:

Himself & & Herself Mugs with Hand Painted Shamrocks

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data-mfp-src= > 6$70.00 These adorable “Himself ” and “Herself ” Irish china mugs are from the master craftspeople at Belleek and will make your first mug of tea on St. Valentine’s early morning much more unique. The mugs are embellished with hand-painted shamrocks and classic basketweave style.

Ireland Grownup Unisex Shamrock Crew Neck Sweatshirt

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src= alt width=570 height=356 data-mfp-src = > 6$36.99 We are still in the midst of sweater weather and anyone would more than happy to have this soft and warm Traditional Craft treasure in their closet. Be mindful as you might end up taking it from each other.

Belleek Best of luck Horseshoe

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=356 data-mfp-src = > 6$55.00 We could all utilize a little best of luck! This Irish china horseshoe from Belleek was handcrafted in County Fermanagh. Iron horseshoes are typically thought to ward off wicked when awaited the home (this belief gradually developed to all horseshoes). What much better present than a lifetime of Irish luck (although you may say they’re lucky adequate to have you).


Baileys, Truffles and Irish Chocolate. Perfect. This box of Baileys Irish Truffles is the perfect present for anyone who wishes for Irish food and beverage products.For more ideas

for stunning Irish presents check out.


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