Katy Perry’s ‘Bon Appetit’: Song Review

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Posted on: July 12, 2017
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Evaluation: Katy Perry’s New Single ‘Bon Appetit’ Dishes out Female Sexuality as a Four-Course Meal

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Katy Perry is no complete stranger to the extended, excessive sexual metaphor (see: “Mixed drink”) or even sex-as-food similes (the molten popsicles of “California Gurls,” the whipped cream-shooting bras of her touring act). So when, on her brand-new single, a line appears about being “spread out like a buffet,” we know she is re-fixated on the prime Perry preoccupations, not slumming to do a chuck wagon commercial. However she’s never doubled down on double entendres rather to the degree she performs in “ Bon Appetit,”a happily ridiculous exercise in chewing the comical scenery by providing female sexuality as a four-course-plus meal. You might unknown whether to laugh or gag at Perry’s barrage of carnal/culinary one-liners; the song ought to feature its own Heimlich maneuver, simply in case.It’s a fine line in between audaciously amusing and risible. “You might utilize some sugar/ ‘Cause your levels ain’t right,” she sings, ending up being the very first entertainer in recent memory to conjure up the semiotics of diabetes in the service of a seduction. “I’m a five-star Michelin/ A Kobe flown in … Eat with your hands, fine …” You might be believing she’s too innovative to go for the most apparent food/sex referrals, but “Bon Appetit” lastly has no such pride, so felt confident that by tune’s end, there will be cherry pie.After a lot

of career-establishing songs that had Perry working with the super star group of Dr. Luke and Max Martin, Luke is missing here, and so is the rock-ish edge underlying a few of her greatest hits. With Martin being joined at the track’s helm by Shellback and Oscar Holter, she moves further into a pure EDM-pop realm here, focusing on a dance floor that might not quite be sure whether to bust a relocation or a gut. Provided the powerful team involved, you may wonder why there isn’t a musical hook here as strong as the ones they’re all popular for. They’re most likely saving those for follow-up tracks that do not have to leave space for raps by the Atlanta trio Migos (fellow artists on the Capitol Music Group roster), or that are created to have a life span longer than among the sensual baked products turned out by the Voodoo Doughnut chain.Perry is probably conserving the genuine beef for a follow-up single from her upcoming fourth album, which will probably be more “Holler” or”Firework “and less bubble-smut. But for now, we have actually got lines like”whipped cream, no dairy, “which must go down in the pop history books as the 2017-iest of all possible entendres.Filed Under: Post A Remark 0 Triptyk Studios, New York, New York Fuel


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