Switzerland Rejects Economic Migrants – Italian Government Allows Them to Ruin Lake Como Vacation Destination

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Posted on: July 12, 2017
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Switzerland Rejects Economic Migrants – Italian Government Allows Them to Ruin Lake Como Vacation Destination

Simply 18 months back, I was resting on the steps of the train station in Como, Italy. I was on vacation in the breathtaking Swiss city of Lugano, and had actually taken a day trip throughout the border to check out the hallowed retreat of ‘ refugee’very cheerleader, George Clooney, and other Hollywood elites. Lake Como and the surrounding surroundings did not dissatisfy, however the town itself was a stark contrast to its Swiss-Italian neighbor. The empty buildings, filthy trains, and generally deflated environment reminded me that we remained in a PIIGS nation, with an imploding economy, and high unemployment.Now, Como has a new set of

issues– one that is rapidly turning the city into a headache: African well-being hounds, i.e. ‘refugees, ‘trying to continue their nearly-unabated journeys to self-destructing E.U. states who will luxurious them with money, housing, food, and other goodies, like Germany, where they refer to themselves as’Angela Merkel’s visitors.’Enjoying your European vacation? Tourists checking out Lake Como are forced to step over migrants at the train station instead of socialize with the Clooneys as approximately 500 are returned to Italy from Switzerland.Swiss authorities have actually efficiently shut their border to asylum hunters forcing the men, ladies and kids to sleep out in the gorgeous Italian town.Prior to June, would-be asylum seekers might board a train in Como and cross the border into Switzerland and look for refuge.Now, they are stuck

and regional politicians fear the circumstance is getting worse.In July, Swiss authorities expelled 4,149 individuals, a figure nearly four times greater than the previous regular monthly high given that 2014. Many were Eritreans, while lots of others were

from Nigeria, Ethiopia and Gambia. Border guard representative Attila Lardori stated over 60 percent had expressed a desire to pass through Switzerland to reach Germany.This is the distinction between a nation that safeguards its borders, its economy, and its laws, and one that does not.Since when do’refugees’have cell phones, operating international SIM cards, and mountain bikes? These are’ financial migrants’– and a number of

them are very unsafe criminals.In 6 weeks, I’ll be back in Lugano, but there isn’t a possibility I’ll even consider crossing the lake this time. I may even shorten my go to there, in favor of remaining in more safe and secure locations. The hell that is the borderless European Union is putting the wiser, self-protective sovereign nations at excellent threat, and eliminating the tourism upon which the European economies have long thrived.It was all so quickly preventable, had there been principled leaders protecting the interests of their own nations and citizens, instead of those of bankers, globalists, and foreigners.If you have not taken a look at and liked our Facebook page, please go here and do so. Leave a comment …


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