Puppy Has Perfect Selfie in Markings on Her Ear

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Posted on: July 13, 2017
Puppy Has Perfect Selfie in Markings on Her Ear

Daily dosage of cuteness coming up, courtesy of a puppy with a rather bizarre marking on among her ears.

Eight-month-old rescue puppy Lucy has charming black splodges on her ear which bear a striking similarity to her own little furry face.Lucy really has a selfie on her ear.

” I have yet to fulfill a person that does not fall in love with her after satisfying her,”says one of Lucy’s owners,

19-year-old student Cassidy Troy.” Whenever individuals come near pet her she cannot stop wiggling and attempting to offer kisses.”

People like Lucy and her distinctive selfie ear markings so much that her owners say it takes them forever to get anywhere with her.

“When we inform individuals about her ear they don’t have the tendency to believe us until we in fact reveal them,” explained Cassidy.

Lucy came into the world at the Lollypop Farm animal rescue centre in Rochester, New york city, and was rapidly chosen by dog enthusiast Cassidy and her boyfriend Zach Johnson.

“The attention that was generated by her unique ear over social networks is terrific, both for Lucy, and for the other rescued family pets here at Lollypop Farm who are trying to find new houses,” said Paige Doerner, a representative for the rescue centre.

“Taking a look at her every day, nobody here even observed Lucy’s unique ear until it was pointed out to us by a really observant visitor to our website!”

Oddly enough, the couple didn’t discover the markings either, until they were mentioned to them by a shop employee when they stopped off to buy dog food.

Zach, 20, stated: “Everyone believes she is so adorable then when they find her ear they normally state, ‘Oh my gosh, that is very cool’ or ‘That’s fantastic, I’ve never seen anything like that’.

“It’s constantly fantastic to get compliments like that and have her noticed by others.

“Lucy absolutely likes attention also. She is most likely the sweetest dog I have actually ever satisfied.

“She gets incredibly ecstatic whenever somebody wishes to provide her some attention or play.”

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