Woman claims shipped package arrives at destination — without contents

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Posted on: July 15, 2017
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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY)– Virginia Beach cops are examining after a female declares the items she delivered through UPS did not make it to the destination– although the package itself got here in tact.Shannon Satterwhite tells 10 On Your Side that five days before Christmas, she went to a UPS Store on Birdneck Roadway in Virginia Beach to mail off some eleventh hour presents. She states she placed gift cards to Olive Garden, a toy store, as well as some cash into various Christmas cards for her 4 nieces and nephews, then put all the cards into one UPS envelope.”When the clerk went to put insurance,”Satterwhite described

.”The clerk asked,’ Whats the value?’ and I stated,’Well there’s some money. Well, there’s $175.’ “However when the envelope arrived her sibling’s house in

Mississippi, she says something wasn’t rather.” When my sibling received the envelope, she sent me a text in fact and she goes,’Are you playing a joke?’And I stated, ‘What are you discussing? ‘And she goes,’ My envelope is empty,’” Satterwhite said.Her sis also sent her a text of what appears like an empty envelope and the label

that was on the front of the product packaging. Satterwhite provided 10 In your corner with her purchase receipt and the two tracking numbers do not match. She is determined the number on this invoice was on her plan before she left the shop. “I had to preliminary the label, match it with the label she sticks on the envelope, ensure they matched, initial it and she sealed the top,” Satterwhite said.Satterwhite questions if maybe a shop staff member took her gift cards and mailed off a various envelope to her sis. Given that 10 On Your Side began interacting with UPS, a UPS Shop media relations staff member confirmed an edit was made to the shipping label, but states they have not determined why. She likewise told WAVY News that they are waiting on the regional store to send them monitoring video. In an email, she specified,”Based on all the information examined, there is absolutely nothing which plainly recognizes where the loss might have taken place. “Satterwhite had insurance on the package, and UPS refunded her for the loss. The UPS Store media relations employee informs 10 On Your Side their investigation stays active.Satterwhite states it was never about the cash, but about the principle, and she has this message for whoever may have taken her gifts:”I hope she had a nice supper with her household

at Olive Garden.” Satterwhite states when she first called police, an officer told her it was a civil matter. But when 10 In your corner called, a spokeswoman validated that Satterwhite was offered misinformation. They have because opened a larceny examination. If a person is called to account, based on the value of the loss, the criminal activity would be a misdemeanor.

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