AFP/ Angelo Merendino(Photo credit should read ANGELO MERENDINO/AFP/Getty Images) (Image: AFP) DENVER-State legislators will think about a law that would permit driverless automobiles on Colorado roadways with just one really basic requirement: if it can follow traffic laws, it’s street legal.The state senate already passed SB 213. On Wednesday afternoon, the expense gets its very first house hearing in the committee.The expense as passed by the senate relies somewhat on the honor system.To put a self-driving vehicle on the road, it does not

require any accreditation of roadworthiness. If the lorry is not capable of complying with all traffic laws, it does need the state transport department and state patrol to sign off on tests of the self-driving system.”There is no present law,”stated Sen. Owen Hill(R-Colorado Springs,)one of the bipartisan sponsors of

the proposal to legalize self-driving cars.”It’s unclear that you can do it. And it’s not clear that you can’t do it. And so we are simply saying really clearly, unequivocally, you can do this in Colorado provided you can follow all the guidelines of the roadway just like any human motorist.” The expense is too easy by far, inning accordance with the trucking industry.”Unfortunately, SB 213 does not simply provide a structure for allowing business to test this technology,”said Greg Fulton, who heads the Colorado Motor Carriers

Association.”But would permit them to go completely operational without any oversight.”Fulton adds that the expense does not include any security requirements for bigger self-governing vehicles like semi-trucks or buses.Supporters of the step believe the opposition is more concerned with task loss for chauffeurs,

which might be unavoidable in the long run, but would likely be accelerated if the costs becomes law. © 2017 KUSA-TV


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