Durban woman becomes victim of ID theft after falling for puppy scam

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Posted on: July 18, 2017
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However her problem was far from over. She– thus numerous others who come down with fraudsters’ slick sales pitches when shopping on the Web– discovered that cash isn’t the only thing she would stand to lose.The Richards Bay local has now end up being a victim of identity theft.Armstrong-Kelly ended up being

a victim of that double whammy earlier this month after her web look for a pug puppy led her to “Chantel”‚ who said she had “stunning”eight-week old pug pups readily available for R2 ‚ 500 ‚ including Kennel Union of SA( KUSA)registration documents ‚ microchip ‚ leash ‚” total medical records “‚”pedigree”and toys– plus a flight to Durban.

  • Time up for timeshares? Watchdog calls public probe into SA’s ‘disgusting’ vacation club marketShe paid and sent Chantel

    a copy of her ID in addition to that of her dad ‚ George Wallace ‚ for whom she was purchasing the puppy ‚ as requested.Then came an e-mail ‚ supposedly from a carrier business ‚ saying that the airline was insisting on a”temperature level regulator dog crate “at an extra cost of R3 ‚ 000 ‚ all however R50 which would be refunded on return of the crate.Not wishing to leave the fictitious little puppy stranded at an airport ‚ Armstrong-Kelly paid that quantity as well ‚ by means of loan transfer at a Pep shop ‚ as instructed.When she heard no more from Chantel about the flight or the puppy ‚ she understood she ‘d been scammed.But for Armstrong-Kelly ‚ the anguish didn’t end there. Strangers started leaving messages on

    her Facebook page.”Are you the girl who has scammed me out of R2 ‚ 500? “asked Siân.” I have a copy of your ID and

    I will go to the cops if you do not transfer the cash back to me. “ Guy fighting terminal cancer has a hard time for timeshare reprieve Whether they were trying to find”ragdoll kitties”‚ French bulldogs ‚ Bengal kittycats or Rhodesian ridgebacks ‚” Julien Armstrong-Kelly”declared to be

eager to offer them one ‚ at a fantastic cost. And many of them succumbed to it.”I feel so bad that my identity is being used to rip-off others ‚” stated the real Armstrong-Kelly today.”They are even sending them a copy of my ID.

“Manie van Schalkwyk ‚ executive director of the SA Scams Prevention Service ‚ urged Armstrong-Kelly to use for the service’s protective

registration ‚ meaning her ID will be flagged in order to prevent fraudsters utilizing it to open accounts in her name– something she is now horrified of.On its website ‚ KUSA cautions customers of online pup sale scams which”have increased drastically in the current past “. A too-good-to-be-true rate is the first warning.

Consumer protectors probe in R3.5 billion a year timeshare market”Not even back-yard breeders offer pugs for R2 ‚ 500 ‚ “stated Maré de Kock ‚ a KUSA-registered pug breeder based in Riebeek West.She offers her puppies for R7 ‚ 000 ‚ dewormed ‚ microchipped ‚ KUSA-registered and with their very first round

of inoculations.-Wendy Knowler is’In Your Corner’as TimesLIVE’s consumer champion. You can contact her on email: [email protected]!.?.! or through Twitter: @wendyknowler Share

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