The Workout That Helped This Mother Of 4 Lose 150 Pounds

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Posted on: July 18, 2017

next weekend Ifinished my 2nd half marathon. This year, I intend on doing at least 2 half marathons in addition to my very first full at the Chicago Marathon. Do you participate in other sports or

activities? If so, what and how often?I weight train 5 days a week and I likewise like

barrier course racing. I include them to my schedule whenever I can. My other activities consist of being a full-time mom. Exactly what’s the most gratifying part of running for

you?I struggle with depression, but when I run it completely clears my mind. I am a better mommy, wife, and buddy, as a runner.Please explain your weight loss journey, including your before and after weights.I had bariatric surgery in May of 2015, and at that time I was 299 pounds. My whole body hurt. After the surgery I

lost 75 pounds however I did not begin working out immediately. As soon as I started running, I lost another 75 pounds that I had to lose. Presently, I am a consistent 150 pounds. Nevertheless, while I do look much better, absolutely nothing compares with how fantastic I feel.What is the trick to your weight loss success?While I believe some people may believe the surgical treatment was the”be-all-end-all”for me,I know it’s truly the lifestyle I have actually embraced. I make

sure to consume pretty tidy and I run every day. I also think family participation is huge– I have even gotten my boy into running and he’s 5 years of ages! How do you remain motivated?When I am in the middle of a long run and it feels terrible, all I have to do is keep in mind the appearance on my kids deals with when they caught a look

of me at my very first half marathon

. I will always remember the look of pride my 5-year-old had as he was sounding his cow bell for me. What are your current short and long term goals?I wish to complete a full marathon this year. I would also love to do the Disney series. But my ultimate objective is to do a 50-mile race

eventually. Is there anything else you wish to tell us?I would like other mothers, who may want to begin running, to understand that it is difficult managing all of it, but it’s so worth it– even on days when it seems like schlepping your kids to the health club, leaving them

with a sitter, or leaving at 4 a.m. before your husband goes to work is self-centered. In the end, your kids will take advantage of having a healthy mom.We wish to hear how running altered you! Send out your story and send your pictures to us via this web form. We’ll choose one each Tuesday to highlight on the website.

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