Watch: Mystery person shaving cats in Virginia neighborhood

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Posted on: July 18, 2017
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May 1 (UPI)– Citizens of a Virginia community have actually put up indications alerting pet owners that felines in the location are being abducted and resurfacing partially shaved.Capt.

Kelly Walker of the Waynesboro Cops Department confirmed at least 2 households in the Tree Street area have recently reported discovering their indoor/outdoor felines with their undersides shaved.Walker said the

shaving appears to have actually been maded with some sort of razor.Resident Rebekah Martin stated her cat, Tigerlily,

has actually been targeted by the secret razor two times this year.” It injures, since she can’t tell me. I understand it probably hurt her,

most likely not physically, however psychologically that has to be actually hard on her. She doesn’t desire to be selected up any longer. She utilized to be actually great and you might select her up and hold her and whatever, and now she just doesn’t wish to be gotten any longer,”Martin told WVIR-TV. Neighbor Maia Oden said her feline was also targeted months after another group of neighbors discovered their cats shaved.

“He’s real skittish and he feels really unusual around people,”Oden informed WHSV-TV of her cat. “And something’s taken place to him and so we looked and he’s been shaved beneath.”

Walker said the number of targeted cats keeps growing as the investigation continues.Police stated all of the shaven cats have actually been domesticated felines owned by community homeowners.”The felines are wearing collars and are well-groomed,”Walker said.Walker provided next-door neighbors clearance to post warning indications in the community.

“Shaving felines??!!”the signs check out.” Numerous community cats have actually been abducted and had their lower abdomens and groin locations shaved. This is really distressing to the cats and their owners. If you know about this suspicious activity please call the authorities department at 540-942-6675. Our cats will thank you!”

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