Turkish puppy saga draws in politicians, public

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Posted on: July 20, 2017
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Author: Amberin Zaman Published February 15, 2017

In a nation starved for delighted news, the story of a marooned young puppy has provided welcome reprieve from the constant drip of terrorist attacks that have shaken Turkey and helped remind a deeply polarized country that compassion and human kindness still exist.

SummaryIt all began when citizens of Beykoz, a verdant neighborhood skirting the Bosporus’ Anatolian coasts, first heard the whimpers. They soon discovered the source.A puppy had fallen 70 meters (230 feet) to the bottom of a borehole, and it was too narrow for any human to squeeze through to obtain him. Expert aid was needed, so the individuals connected to the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), the government-run catastrophe relief attire that is worldwide hailed for its work with earthquake victims and more just recently with millions of Syrian refugees. For 10 days, AFAD struggled to obtain the puppy out, using thermal cams to monitor his area. Images revealed a brown Anatolian shepherd with a black muzzle and huge nervous eyes. He was lovable.

of the value of hope and toil, of Allah’s mercy and of the beautiful side of humankind,” tweeted Yildiz Ramazanoglu, a popular Islamist theologian and feminist. “Thanks to all those who participated.”In the middle of the blaze of publicity, Kuyu has actually discovered a new permanently home: theBeykoz fire department. Find out more: young puppy that was saved after 10 days stuck in a well is seen in a video still with firefighters who played a part in his rescue in Istanbul, Feb.

15, 2017. (photo by YOUTUBE/linetv bursa )

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