Q+A: Fitness enthusiasts pitch workout park at McHugh Bluff stairs

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Posted on: July 21, 2017
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No matter the time of day or night, the wood McHugh Bluff stairway ignoring downtown Calgary is busy with runners, commuters, pet walkers and fitness buffs.For more than a year, a group of those physical fitness enthusiasts has actually been taking a look at the idea of developing an outside calisthenic fitness park at the base of the stairs.

The group has had initial conversations with the city and is presently gathering feedback from people for a job they prepare to fund with grants and personal contributions. Postmedia civic affairs press reporter Annalise Klingbeil spoke to Peter Hamilton, with the Alberta Urban Athletics Association, about the planned exercise park.

The Alberta Urban Sports Association, a brand-new non-profit society formed by physical fitness lovers, wishes to build an outside physical fitness park at the base of the McHugh Bluffstairs. The task, visualized,

is presently at the proposal stage.

/ Submitted picture Calgary Herald Q: How did this concept come about?A: I utilize the stairs in Crescent Heights for fitness and I belong to a casual group of good friends, we gathering a couple times a week and do an exercise and run the stairs. I have actually hung out in Sydney, Australia, where a great deal of the parks have outside physical fitness parks in them. We thought it ‘d be a terrific concept to attempt and get a dedicated area beside the stairs where individuals might really exercise, instead of have them doing that on the pathway or the stairs. We approached the city and asked exactly what the scenario was and they said you need to get yourself arranged as a non-profit society.

Q: So your group of good friends founded the Alberta Urban Athletics Association to move the concept forward?A: Absolutely. We got

ourselves organized and sold subscriptions to raise a bit of money. We have about 100 members, all from various groups around the city. The more we have actually(pressed the idea forward ), we have actually recognized there are more requirements and desires there. There are people that desire bike racks, people that want a water fountain. The site was never ever intended to be an exercise website, however it has ended up being that method. And as an outcome, it’s put a lot of stress on the website. Q: In Calgary, there’s currently outside physical fitness equipment(also called adult play areas)in 13 city parks. How is this different than exactly what currently exists?A: In The United States and Canada, people have actually attempted to take gym devices and put it outside. There are moving parts. Exactly what we’re proposing(consists of )all non-moving parts. Some people call it a bar park. It’s various calisthenics– pull-ups, and pushups, and sit-up slabs and that sort of thing, where it’s all body weight, basically. It gives you a lot more flexibility in the sense you can have one tool you do several exercises on, versus putting an outside StairMaster in a park. The Alberta Urban Athletics Association, a brand-new non-profit society formed by physical fitness lovers, wants to construct an outside fitness park at the base of the McHugh Bluff stairs. The job, envisioned, is presently at the proposition stage./ Sent image Calgary Herald Q: The current area is quite popular at all hours of the day. Inform me about what goes on there. A: Individuals do situps on the concrete and hang under the stairs doing pull ups and use the concrete barriers against the walkway to dodips. You see individuals that

willconnect fight ropes to sign posts down there. We’re aiming to put the type of equipment that people desire

and need therein, so it takes people far from being out in individuals’s method as they’re attempting to utilize that area for transport. The location was never created for exactly what it is used for today. The stairs exist to make it much easier for people to get up and down the hill. However there’s a big number of individuals from all over the city that come by throughout the day and in the evening. It’s a victim of its own success. It remains in the ideal spot to look

at the city and the ideal area for access. It provides people a fast exercise during the day, but you have a scenario where it’s also busy with individuals that live in the community and desire to walk through there. Q: What’s the timeline on this project?A: The task is in a suggested stage. We’re trying to identify exactly what would be practical at this site. Until we hear no, we’re going to keep moving through the process. I would picture this as a 2018 task. This interview has actually been edited and condensed for length and clarity.

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