Best Buy lets you save $150 on iPad Air 2 with AppleCare+

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Posted on: July 27, 2017

Best Buy obviously has iFans covered in addition to Android enthusiasts, shaving$150 off the listcosts of choose iPad Air 2 SKUs through January 28. Well, not exactly, as the deal is a bit more complicated than that, although still exceptionally advantageous.The way it works is you have to get a 32, 64 or 128GB

Wi-Fi-only Apple iPad Air 2, plus extended AppleCare+ guarantee, with $150 discount rates applied to your grand overall. That brings the combined expenses of the lowest-storage model on sale and AppleCare+assistance down to$350 (from $500), whereas a package containing the middling 64 gig variant sets you back$400 rather of $550. Finally, 2 years of protection versus everything from making defects to uncommon battery wear and unintentional damage, bundled with a state-of-the-art 128 gig iPad Air 2, has a marked-down tag of $450 for the next couple of days.Just keep in mind you’re not getting cellular connectivity here, and you’ll still have to pay a$49

service cost plus tax for your up to two events of accidental damage guaranteed with AppleCare+. Likewise, reasonable caution– the Air 2 is a bit long in the tooth. Apple is better than ever to making iPhones in India, inning accordance with numerous reports

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