Texas man says he was burned by his iPhone

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Posted on: July 29, 2017
A Lake Jackson, Texas guy states his iPhone burnt him and left him with a 2nd-degree burn.Luke Schilhab stated on Saturday he mistakenly entered into a swimming pool with his iPhone Sixes.

The phone was drenched and rapidly turned off.Schilhab chose to put his waterlogged iPhone in a container of rice. He presumed, like a lot of us, the rice would dry out the device.Schilhab said by Sunday evening the iPhone would still not power on. From routine, he left it in his bed and fell asleep.On Monday morning, he all of a sudden got up after rolling on top of

the phone. “I didn’t even understand exactly what it was that charred me right off the bat till I leapt up and turned on the light and examined. It was my phone,”said Schilhab.Schilhab went to the doctor, who diagnosed him with a 2nd-degree burn. He said you can see

the lines from the top of the phone in the burn on his torso.Schilhab said he submitted a report with Apple at a Texas store after acquiring a new iPhone Monday.ABC11’s sister-station KTRK reached out

to Apple and were still awaiting an action about the scenario Tuesday.Technology professional David Scarbrough with Experimac in the Spring Branch, Texas location said he might not comment on Schilhab’s circumstance however did use ideas for anyone with a damaged iPhone.Scarbrough said if

you harm your phone you need to take it to a professional as quickly as possible. He said the concept that you can use rice to dry out the gadget is an internet misconception.

He stated they can evaluate whether a phone can be saved.Scarbrough also alerted batteries in smart devices can pose a security danger if jeopardized by water. “Water is the kryptonite of a phone. It does not react to water well,”stated Scarbrough.

“The most essential thing to bear in mind when you get a phone wet is you have to get that battery detached as soon as possible. To do that, you need to bring it to us. “

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