Apple’s next iPhone may cost $1,200, report states

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Posted on: September 4, 2017
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If you’re waiting till the brand-new iPhone comes out to update your cellular phone, you

may wish to start conserving your money now.Apple is expected to release the so-called iPhone 8, in addition to the iPhone 7s and iPhone Sevens Plus, as early as September. Few details have been verified, however reports and speculation are swirling.A $1,200 iPhone?

One specialist thinks it’s coming … CNBC reports that Apple watcher and designer John Gruber says the most current and greatest phone might begin at$1,200 due to supply restrictions and high customer demand.”I produced a bit of a stir a few days ago when I recommended the OLED iPhone ‘Pro’ might start at$ 1,500,”Gruber composed in a article.”$1,500 as a beginning rate is most likely way too high. But I believe$1,200 is rather most likely as the beginning rate, with the high-end model at $1,300 or$1,400.”The $1,200 price forecast is only for the top-of-the-line new phone. The starting rate for the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus should be below$ 1,000, which is in line with the existing iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus rates– $649 and$ 769, respectively.To be clear, there are new reports coming out every day about the upcoming iPhone. None of this info has been verified by Apple. The company will likely keep us guessing for a few more months! Your iPhone might be tracking your every move: Here

‘s how to delete the data!

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