This brilliant case will end your kid’s iPhone addiction

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Posted on: September 14, 2017
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Here’s one way to curb phone addiction.

A Japanese business has created an iPhone case to assist moms and dads stop their kids from ending up being too addicted to their phones.The case, called

the Otomos, is repaired to the phone and can not be removed without a special screw. Otomos pair with an app that

allows parents to limit the child’s daily phone usage. If the child surpasses their daily limit, the phone will automatically go into sleep mode. A prototype of the Otomos Image: Momo ltd/facebook Motion detectors developed into the case are also able to deactivate the phone immediately while the child is strolling.

Otomos, which was developed by Momo Ltd, can likewise send automated messages to moms and dads’ phones if it senses that a significant physical shock, such as an accident, has actually taken place.

“We have developed the product after hearing numerous views and issues of moms and dads who have children utilizing smartphones,” Masato Otsu, president of Momo Ltd, told Kyodo news firm.” All you have to do is simply attach the case, so it is very easy to utilize.”

The mobile phone case had earlier raised some $8,000 on Japanese crowdfunding platform Makuake.

The business is anticipated to charge around $5 a month for a two-year contract that consists of the case.

Currently, the case appears to be compatible with only iPhones, so if you’re an Android family, you’ll simply have to keep your kids away from their phones some other way.

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