iPhone X repair work rates will make your wallet cry

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Posted on: November 10, 2017
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iPhone X repair costs will make your wallet cry

The iPhone X launch can't come soon enough!
Repairing the iPhone X isn’t really cheap. Image: Apple If you are among the millions of Apple fans that just pre-ordered the brand-new iPhone X here’s one piece of suggestions: whatever you do, don’t break it.

Apple upgraded its website for the rates on out of warranty repairs and the iPhone X shatters the record when it comes to both screen repairs and other damage.Busting your iPhone X

screen without AppleCare + will cost you $279. Other damage will cost $549 if it’s not covered by the warranty.Fees vary in other countries but none of the prices are low-cost. In basically every country you might just purchase an iPhone SE replacement for cheaper. Australia:$419 screen repair work, $819 for other

  • damage Canada:$359 screen repair, $709 for other damage
  • Germany: EUR321 screen repair, EUR611 for other damage
  • UK: ₤ 286 screen repair, ₤ 556 for other damage
  • If you’ve bought AppleCare+, the price for

repairs is substantially less expensive. The strategy costs $199 upfront and offers you protection for up to 2 occurrences of unintentional damage. You’ll just have to pay $29 for screen damage, or$99 for other damage. Keep your device from getting any unintentional damage by having a look at our roundup of iPhone X cases that are alreaday available. The iPhone X opened for pre-orders today.

Delivering quotes orders rapidly slipped into weeks due the to very high demand combined with Apple’s low supply. New orders for the iPhone X presently won’t ship for five to 6 weeks. Wait … 200 for the apple care+29 to repair. So, it’s 229.

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