Today Program Halloween Costumes 2017

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Posted on: November 11, 2017
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— TODAY (@TODAYshow) they were ’90s icons, and the year before that they were– as if we mightever forget– the Peanuts gang. This year is no exception, as the group dressed up as country music icons and did some live-band karaoke, in some cases even signed up with by the people they were imitating!Some of them got to meet their counterparts– the genuine Blake Shelton wore the precise very same outfit as Hoda, making for an amusing photo op, and Billy Ray Cyrus and Shania Twain were also on-hand, sans mullet and bodice. Check out their country outfits below!Here’s Carson Daly looking achy breaky.– TODAY (@TODAYshow)< a href= > October 31, 2017″Every shred of my dignity is gone.”-Megyn Kelly– TODAY (@TODAYshow)

October 31, 2017– TODAY(@TODAYshow)

October 31, 2017– TODAY(@TODAYshow)

October 31, 2017 If Matt Lauer was actually dedicated to being Dolly Parton, he would have gotten tattoos all over his arms.( Seriously! )– TODAY( @TODAYshow) October 31, 2017 And if Al Roker was actually committed to being Willie Nelson, he would have smoked a fat doob prior to taking the phase.– TODAY(@TODAYshow) October 31, 2017 Roker’s Willie Nelson outfit is still far better than the time he was Charlie Brown. He still shows up in my nightmares from time to time .< img src = >


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