Email: Halloween costumes remain in “sharp contrast to the concepts” of UC Irvine

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Posted on: November 13, 2017
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UC Irvine’s Office of Trainee Affairs sent out a stern caution out to trainees not to wear offending Halloween clients, specifically ones that are “especially offensive to our intellectual and psychological sensibilities.”

The letter, signed by Vice Chancellor of Trainee Affairs Thomas A. Parham and the Presidents of the Associated Trainees companies, advises trainees that Halloween can typically” [serve] as a catalyst for dissatisfaction, offending speech, anger, hurt, psychological pain and group stress. These are generally prompted by people or groups deciding to strategy and host theme celebrations where culturally different groups and females are portrayed in stereotyped, prejudiced, degrading or uncomplimentary methods.”

“Recent and previous experiences have taught us that these events are especially offensive to our intellectual and emotional sensibilities by appropriating cultural customs and causing substantial pain and pain,” the letter continues. “They also stand in sharp contrast to the concepts of neighborhood that our campus accepts.”

This letter isn’t the very first time UC Irvine has actually warned trainees about offensive Halloween outfits. In an October 2015 e-mail with comparable phrasing, obtained by Red Alert Politics, Parham alerted students that, “recent and previous experiences have actually taught us that these occurrences are particularly offending to our intellectual and emotional perceptiveness by appropriating cultural customs and causing significant discomfort and pain.”

A 4th year student at UC Irvine, who wanted to remain confidential for fear of retribution from UC Irvine administrators, informed Red Alert Politics, “This kind of rhetoric that administration force feeds students, supports identity politics and hypersensitivity. The administration has no right to push its own political program and dictate how trainees ought to live their life. I have actually never seen any kind of malicious or despiteful ‘styles’ that have actually been suggested in the email. If this kind of thinking is force fed down our college student throat by administration, our country will fall back as a world leader since there will be no dissenting viewpoints and variety of idea.”

Add UC Irvine to the long list of colleges coddling their trainees and drawing the enjoyable from Halloween.Latest Videos


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