23 of Twitter’s top Halloween costumes 2017

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Posted on: November 21, 2017
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top Halloween outfits 2017 By Julia Breakey on 1 November, 2017 Share Darkness falls across the land

. The midnight

hour is close at hand. Animals crawl in search of clout. “To Twitter!”spooky users shout.So grisly evil spirits in their costumes close on into share your doom. And though you battle to survive, your body begins to shiver.For no mere mortal can resist the evil fame on Twitter.(AKA: These are some of the outfits that got the

most likes and retweets on Twitter this year. These numbers are since 9.35 am, 1 November.)23. Eazy-E, @ 36O4Arin(34 500+ )EAZY MF E!.?.!— BURLY YOUNG BOY ARIN( @ 36O4Arin )< a href= >

October 30 ?’s.22. Jivanka, Jon

and Emily Black Favreau(34 900 +) Early case of the Mondays?!.?.!— Jon Favreau (@jonfavs ) October 29, 2017 Jagged Media’s Jon Favreau and partner Emily dressed up as everyone’s preferred White Home couple Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump handcuffed together. Wishful thinking or manifesting our destinies?

Time will inform. 21. Unfaithful male, Chase Mitchell(46 000+ )Meme costumes age well, ideal!.?.!— Chase Mitchell(@ChaseMit) October 29, 2017 Author Chase Mitchell captured Twitter’s eye with a magnificently under-prepared

meme costume– spurring on this chain of events.20. Leland Melvin, Andrew Miller(51 000+)Me: Exactly what do you wish to be for Halloween? My 4 y/o: That funny astronaut. Me:

I got you, lady!(cc @Astro_Flow )!.?.!— Andrew Miller( @AndrewCMiller) October 29, 2017 It’s tough not to wish to be

astronaut Leland Melvin because popular image of him and his loving pet dogs– and for one little woman, that dream ended up being( spotted by T. Kyle

MacMahon (68 000 +)”we all stan down here. you’ll stan too! “!.?.!— Trick-or-T. Kyle( @tkylemac )

October 29, Gonzalez breathed new life into the character when he danced to Miley Cyrus’s”Celebration in the USA.”Exactly what can we say?

We stan too.17. One on One , Rob Gotti(70 000+)We valid for

a Halloween celebration this evening?!.?.!— Rob Gotti(@ForTheLoveOfRob ) October 29, 2017 Comfy and cute, Rob

Gotti and his partner eliminated it in the

renowned clothing from 2000s sitcom One on One’s Breanna

and Arnaz.16. Franalations, @addiedafaddie( 113 000 + 2017

Loiter Squad was a sketch funny series starring Tyler, The Creator– and < a href= > one specific moment discovered its natural

home in Vine. Here’s a quite incredible entertainment of that moment.11. Sid, Will Poulter(173 000 +)HAPPY HALLOWEEN!.?.!— Will Poulter(@PoulterWill) October 29, 2017 Actor Will Poulter has been likened to the evil Sid from Toy Story because the start of his career, and

this year he usedthat power to raise awareness for the NGO Anti-Bullying Pro. Nailed it.10. San (222 000+) 😭!.?.!— Christina ❄ (@hilareolas ) October 29, 2017 Twoextremely cute kids+cherished funny Friday+referral to a popular GIF=immediate Twitter

success (and an excellent number of reposts).8. Oatmeal meme, Ashley(228 000+)Girllllllllll …!.?.!— Ashley(@AshleyKay72) October 29, 2017 One of Vine’s greatest accomplishments was etching this court moment into our cultural memory. This is the homage it should have.7. Peter Pan and his shadow, @tonygar1997 (232 000+)

Peter pan & his shadow!.?.!— Darth Tony(@tonygar1997) October 30, 2017 This couple’s outfit may be slightly unreasonable– somebody did have to lie on the ground after

all– however these men pulled it off with aplomb .6. Hidden Figures, @ dwellons on Instagram(242 000 +)These 3 girls dressed up as the females represented

in “Hidden Figures”are winners!!.?.!— zellie(@zellieimani)

October 30, 2017 All set to sob . Props to this guy for going

all in.3. Wine, Amy(383 000+) 29, 2017

This outfit is cute. It’s amusing. It took effort and ability and hidden lights. It won Twitter’s heart.Featured image: Screenshots from @, @, @, @, @, @. Overlay from Pixabay(CC0). Font by FontPanda. Author|Julia Breakey Julia is a UCT film graduate with an enthusiasm for pets, media, and dog-centric media. If she’s not gushing about the brand-new tv program that you require

to view, she’s rewatching The Great Location(which you need to enjoy).< a href= > More


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