There Is a Substantial Distinction In between the Women’s Costumes in ‘Wonder Lady’ and ‘Justice League’ That’s Making Individuals Angry

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Posted on: November 22, 2017
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emember when Wonder Woman came out and were all so pleased to finally see a motion picture with a female superhero that was directed by a woman? That sure was terrific, ideal? Little girls all over the nation might go to the film theater and see a woman defeating the bad people and saving the day.Yeah, well, that may not be exactly the message that’s being sent by Justice League, the brand-new movie that features Gal Gadot as Wonder Lady. And it’ll only take one glance to see why.Here’s a side-by-side of the Amazon warriors in Marvel Woman (on the left) and in Justice League (on the right ): Here is a wonderful example of the distinction between the male and female gaze.Patty Jenkins’Amazon warriors left wing. Zack Snyder’s on the.!.?.!— Melissa Silverstein(@melsil ) November 12, 2017 Take an appearance at the outfits. In Wonder Female, the Amazons & rsquo; armor was clearly produced battle. The Justice League armor? Eh & hellip; not so much. Not so much armor, that is.People are currently up in arms about the brand-new instructions the Amazons’costuming has taken. — GTaichou(@GTPsijic ) November 12, 2017 Not just did Marvel Lady have a female

director(Patty Jenkins ), the costume designer was also a lady named Lindy Hemming.Justice League, by

— comparison, is directed Professor, please describe why ancient Amazons would have entirely implausible, ridiculously exposing armor– Jeff Yang (@originalspin) November 12, 2017 Armor has one task: Secure the individual wearing it. That suggests

‘re likewise … just … not good?It’s not just that the Amazon costumes in Justice League are skimpy and over-sexualized– they’re also tacky as hell.

Male destroy whatever.!.?.!— taylor brogan(@thbrogan) November 13, 2017 Seriously.

They & rsquo; re essentially just strappy leather bikinis.Don & rsquo; t get us wrong. There is a time and a location for

a strappy leather bikini.Wait, no. Never mind. There is no time or place for a strappy leather swimwear. These costumes are absurd in actually every setting.Let’s hope the ladies in Justice League

—– regardless of how they’re dressed (or not dressed, as it were)– continue to be the badass heroes like they remained in Wonder Lady. Smash that patriarchy, people!That & rsquo;

s what genuine’heroes do.1 A Male Massage Therapist Says John Travolta

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