Keepers wear black-and-white costumes to catch giant pandas

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Posted on: November 27, 2017

Two < a target =_ blank href= > Chinese panda keepers pretended they were the black-and-white animals after being sent to capture two bears in the forest.The 2 specialists were offered the objective to discover Baxi and Yingxue, 2 pandas which were undergoing unique training so that they could be reintroduced to the wild.After pursuing two days, the carers eventually captured the 2’wise’pandas in the forest of Hetaoping on November 18. Employees dressed in panda outfits hold a detector as they attempt to find pandas in China Two-year-old giant panda Yingxue is seen walking by the fence of the training field ‘I’m sorry!’Chinese model Ming Xi apologises after ‘letting … Mom and kid who were separated at a train station end up being …< a href= > We’ve got ahead of ourselves: Cosmetic surgeon who carried out …< img src = width=62 height=60 > Stubborn property owner who refused to budge for a new train … Inning accordance with< a target=_ blank rel=nofollow href= >

People’s Daily Online, male panda Baxi and female panda Yingxue were completing a two-year adjustment programme in the Wolong Hetaoping Research Study and Preservation Center for the Giant

Panda and Tiantai Mountain training field.They are set to be returned to the wild from the Liziping Nature Reserve in Sichuan on November 23. In order to so, carers needed to record the set of bears which were living a mock wild environment in Hetaoping.Carers had actually attempted to capture them considering that November 18, but they stated the task was difficult because the pandas were on high alert.

< a target =_ blank rel =nofollow href = > Video reveals the carers dressed up in panda outfits in the reserve. They believed it was as a crucial part of China’s aspiration to reintroduce captive-bred pandas back into the wild.Carers give huge

panda Baxi bamboo shoots as they attempt to tempt it into a cage in Hetaoping

Female giant panda Yingxue can be seen enjoying the bamboo shoots prior to being captured

The two giant pandas (among them envisioned) are set to be released back to the nature today

The carers brought wireless detector to locate giant panda Baxi and giant panda Yingxue.Experts discussed that captive-bred cubs should live lacking all human contact if they are to have any chance of survival.On November 20, they successfully lured the two giant pandas into a cage using bamboo shoots.The bears will be sent into the centre for a check-up prior to the release.

Xinhua reported that based on Baxi and Yingxue’s survival abilities and development in the training field, huge panda professionals concluded that the bears were all set to be set complimentary into the wild.Experts stated Baxi and Yingxue have the ability to search for food and prevent predators.WHY PANDA

COSTUMES ARE ESSENTIAL Experts from the Wolong Hetaoping Research and Preservation Centre for the Giant Panda said using panda costumes is crucial in helping the bears return to nature.It is very important to keep them far from all human contact in order to increase their chance of survival in the wild.In 2006, five-year-old panda Xiang died about 10 months after being

released back to nature.The male panda, which had been trained to adapt to life in the wild, was eliminated in battles with other huge pandas.Source:

Tencent News


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