The Very Best New Products From the 2017 SEMA Program #TENSEMA 17.

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Posted on: December 8, 2017
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You might say we automotive magazine/web hacks have the best job on the planet. I mean it's non-stop cars and trucks, trucks, parts, and individuals, day in, day out. It suffices to spoil someone. There are degrees of gain access to for some ...ahem, me ... that makes some of my coworkers a little envious. At SEMA this year, my gain access to was due to a special assignment.You see, the Specialty Equipment Market Association(SEMA)works with four of us to picture all the new item releases at its yearly trade program in Las Vegas. It's a big deal. We established 4 temporary picture studios(coves to utilize the parlance)and bring in studio-type strobes (huge flashes that install on stands). Then we continue to take pretty photos of parts.And it's lots of parts-- this year, about 2,500, in reality. The topics run the gamut. Some

are patently absurd(hats with long visors that transform into curtains to make a little theater for your phone). And others are really cool( adapters that plug into OBD-II ports and turn smart devices into data logging gauge sets that you can configure for a specific tuning or racing function ). That's just part of exactly what makes it a cool gig. The other part is that we have a lot of fun.The. images that follow offer a little bit of insight into the cool things that appeared at the 2017 SEMA Program.

Some are quite uncomplicated (mufflers and so forth). Others are problem solvers(cast-iron headers for peaceful engine swaps ). And some are simply patently remarkable (a relay network commanded by Bluetooth switches that pledge to lower the harness in your automobile to a couple lots wires ). What follows is a gallery of the more intriguing things that crossed our picture coves. We'll use the feedback to determine a much shorter

list that we'll release with finer details about the parts themselves. Till then, take pleasure in! The Best New Products From the 2017 SEMA Program #TENSEMA 17 As part of our continuous efforts to make better, much faster, and simpler for you to utilize, we've momentarily gotten rid of remarks in addition to the capability to comment. We're

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