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Posted on: December 14, 2017
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"Start with completion in mind." - Stephen Covey

In 2011, before the company even officially existed, Vorsprung creator Steve Mathews had actually begun deal with exactly what went on to become the Tractive, you directly benefit not simply from Vorsprung's understanding, but from the cumulative experience of all of our partners worldwide. Tractive Valve Tuning Systems are built with the following approach:-Damper architecture weak points and problems identified and surpassed with upgrade parts-Damper tunes selected to be the most suitable custom valving for the rider, frame and terrain-Damper modification varieties and modes altered if requiredThe first shock to get the Tractive treatment is the Rockshox Monarch Plus
. Updated triple circuit compression base valve assembly Features and Advantages:-Improved support- Superior stability and predictability-Enhanced compliance -Enhanced grip-Upgrade compression base valve assembly with triple circuit technology-More functional 3-position compression adjuster with equally spaced settings-Pressure-balanced valving to provide sensitivity and assistance without cavitation-Low friction Acetal IFP to replace the stock metal IFP which

scores the reservoir bore
- Customized Tractive Valve Tuning System tune choice for each rider based upon frame, weight, terrain, hostility and preference -Specialised rebound valving to replace the stock non-functional rebound shim stack- Over 140 possible valving mixes for this shock alone-Nitrogen charged via
low-profile reservoir end cap- All upgrade parts developed, checked and machined by Vorsprung in Whistler-Internal modifications to minimize the common knocking during instructions modifications- Suggestions on spring pressure and volume spacer modifications if necessary.Who is the Tractive Valve Tuning System for the Monarch Plus NOT matched for:
- Riders who already go beyond the maximum ranked atmospheric pressure of their shock. You need a different shock, sorry!-Riders who want a firmer-than-stock lockout. The Tractive system uses a company compression mode rather than a lockout for climbing traction, but if a lockout is non-negotiable, you'll
wish to look elsewhere-Riders who wish to service their damper at house. The Tractive package for Queen Plus is not readily available for self-install or self-service as it requires both a vacuumbleeder and a nitrogen charging system to install.- Riders who are utilizing the Queen
Plus on a frame that is excessively progressive or otherwise totally unsuited to air shocks. These will work much better
with a coil shock.How do I make my Emperor Plus a Tractive?The Tractive kit for the Emperor Plus is not readily available for self-install, so you'll need to send your shock into Vorsprung in Whistler, or to one of our Elite Partner Tuning Centres. Vorsprung is actively looking for elite-level partners worldwide, as well as dealers for user-installable parts-if you wish to
work with us, get in touch.What's next with Tractive? More tuning systems for shocks and forks. Here's a little teaser of some Fit4 packages which will be readily available mid January. Fit4 Tractive Valve Set readily available January 2018 When we introduced the Luftkappe for the Pike, Lyrik and Yari 12 months earlier, we were floored by theaction-the whole very first run sold out within Two Days of release, and we've battled just to make adequate of them over the previous 12 months. The overwhelmingly favorable feedback we got, along with customer

demand, pushed us to provide the
same type of upgrade for other forks. We now have four new Luftkappes on deal, all which are offered for self-install

. As always, the objective for these was basic: the biggest

improvement in just how much . MSRP$130CAD. Delivering since December 15th: Pike Debonair (2018+): includes Luftkappe A1 piston assembly +adaptor for 2018 Pike forks(other than 29+wheel size). MSRP$100CAD($79USD approx ). Referred to as A2 variation. Offered for pre-order immediately.Continuing Kits: Pike/Lyrik/Yari A1 variation: fits 2014-17 Pike Solo Air, 2018 Pike 29+Solo Air, Lyrik/Yari 2016-18 +Solo Air and Debonair Optional tools are also offered for self-install. We do not presently provide a Luftkappe for the 2015-17 36 Float NA.

The significant decrease the
Luftkappe provides in initialspring rate substantially enhances compliance, whilst at the same time providing more assistance and predictability in the mid and late stroke.What The Luftkappe Uses:-Softer preliminary stroke-Larger negative air chamber-Increased sag without the associated diving-Coil-like initial and

mid-stroke spring rate without the extreme bottoming of a really linear spring-Increased sensitivity-Improved mid stroke assistance and control-Superior bump compliance and traction-Decreased hand fatigue -Decreases needed

compression damping -Maintains volume
spacer compatibility Answering the common concerns:1. How does
it actually work?It increases the size of the negative air chamber to reduce the initial spring rate and increase the mid-stroke rate. This likewise lets you run slightly higher air pressure for more assistance, whilst keeping improved level of sensitivity in
the start of the stroke.2. Is it suitable with
MRP's Ramp Control cartridge?As of December 6, 2017, we are dealing with MRP to determine this. For the time being, we need to say no. 3. Who is this NOT suited for?The Luftkappe is outright remarkable to the stock air spring for nearly everyone, however there are a couple of cases where it might not be for you:-If you run your 36 at 180mm, it will be rather progressive. At 170mm and listed below, it must be fine. A Yari at 170+mm, Pike at 160mm or Lyrik at 180mm will be quite progressive, and while the overall flight quality enhances, you may also discover it difficult to use the last 5-10mm of travel-if
this would bother you then have a think about it.- If you like running absurdly low droop for some factor.

The Luftkappe runs more sag than the
stock fork, but is firmer in the mid stroke -just like a coil fork, however with ending-stroke increase to prevent severe bottoming. If you're the type of individual who wants the fork to run 5%droop, this isn't really for you. We could explain that a setup like that potentially shows that your handlebars are set too low and you're compensating with oversprung suspension, however we aren't here to evaluate you, so possibly simply do not buy it.- If you're anal about your fork having a precise(but rounded-to-the-nearest-10mm-increment)amount of travel (it does not ever, anyway, however let's pretend it does). Because the Luftkappe balances forces at a pneumatic topout, the force right around topout is really low(actually zero besides friction ), meaning the weight of the bike alone will trigger it to droop a couple of millimetres. Your vehicle's suspension droops under the car's own weight, and reasonably so ought to your bike -unless it was so sticky, overly stiff or over-preloaded that 10kg of bike weight wasn't enough to cause your suspension to move at all, naturally. If the concept of only having an evident 148mm out of a 150mm fork troubles you, stick to the stock fork. 4. What about Rockshox's 2018 Debonair spring system? Does not that make the Luftkappe redundant?For 2018, the Pike's Solo Air spring was updated to be more comparable to the Lyrik/Yari, which formerly had a bigger unfavorable chamber than the Pike. Lyrik/Yari were basically the same other than the shape of the topout bumper. All of them were given the "Debonair"name despite the fact that only one of them changed substantially. 2018 Pikes, Lyriks and Yaris advantage every bit as much from the Luftkappe as the previous generations, and completion outcome is better to boot.5. This is absolutely a fraud. If it was this easy, why didn't the initial manufacturer simply do this?We cannot speak for the original manufacturers, however we have a lot less restrictions than them. We can say "well at 180mm some individuals will discover it too progressive"- that isn't a luxury that large OEM makers have. We can also invest months and months optimising the piston design alone. If we made public simply how much time goes into establishing these, a great deal of individuals would just think we were lying. In the meantime however, we didn't have to create the entire rest of the fork.6. Well ok, however then why not make the unfavorable chamber even bigger?As unfavorable chamber size boosts, the preliminary rate drops, but space and pressure constraints increase

immensely beyond a specific point. We 'd happily build negative chambers far bigger than their current size, however
you 'd likewise need stanchions that were a metre long(that's 0.00497 furlongs for those still utilizing royal measurements)to get enough favorable volume in there. 7. I still think you're talking out your sphincter. Howcome no pros are utilizing these then?We don't sponsor anybody, but without breaching anyone's sponsorship commitments, let's just state that the Luftkappe/Lyrik showed to be a winning mix in the EWS this year.

Pinkbike Review: "The Luftkappe's modification to the feel of the Lyrik was immediately noticeable on the trail. Traction was increased across chatter and the fork remained higher in its travel and more steady, enhancing the dynamic ride height without compromising the leading end. My confidence skyrocketed when striking areas with a great deal of chatter and mid to large-sized hits, and the outcome implied more comfort and speed through such areas."Need To Read This Week