Qualcomm wants to ban iPhone 8 and iPhone X sales in the US with brand-new lawsuit

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Posted on: December 14, 2017
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Qualcomm files three brand-new claims against Apple and looks for import restriction on iPhone 8 and iPhone X

The ever-growing and comprehensive legal fight in between the tech giant and Snapdragon chip maker Qualcomm is getting hotter, as the latter filed 3 brand-new patent infringement claims against the Cupertino giant for breaching an overall of 16 Qualcomm patents with its latest iPhones, including the iPhone X.Qualcomm is

also submitting a new grievance with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) worrying five of the patents, and it is asking the ITC to prohibit imports of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X designs that use chips from Intel, aka AT&T and T-Mobile devices in the US.The chipmaker in its brand-new patent violation claims that much of Apple’s smart devices ranging from the iPhone 7 to iPhone X have actually infringed upon 16 of its patents connected to bandwidth innovation, carrier aggregation, memory designs, power saving methods, phone’s actual user interfaces, image editing, technology from dual-camera setups, as well as cam autofocus. It is likewise claiming that the depth-based image improvement technique for Picture mode violates a Qualcomm patent.As per the main Qualcomm’s filing,” Apple can import iPhones(no matter who supplies the modems)that do not infringe the patents asserted in this action, but Apple has no fundamental right to infringe Qualcomm’s [non-standards essential patents] through the sale of its iPhones. Avoiding such infringement, and therefore satisfying development, is the really purpose for which the patent system was developed.”General Counsel Don Rosenberg in a declaration stated Qualcomm filings are not a

direct rejection to Apple’s complaint. For those unaware, Apple had actually submitted a countersuit on November 29 implicating Qualcomm of infringing”a minimum of”8 battery life patents owned by Apple.” You can’t respond that rapidly to file lawsuits, “Rosenberg said. “We were in the procedure of filing 3 new district lawsuit in San Diego today, and one brand-new ITC case in Washington, D.C. Those include a group of 16 patents that are additional to the ones we have actually already sued them on, and 5 of those 16 are ones we are suing them on in the ITC looking for an exemption order.” Both the giants are locking horns with each other by suing in back to back suits, and Apple has actually completely decreased to talk about the issue.It all began in

January, when Apple took legal action against Qualcomm for nearly US$ 1 billion in patent royalty refunds that Qualcomm apparently kept from Apple.In. a related match, Qualcomm took legal action against the contract manufacturers that make Apple’s phones, however Apple participated in to safeguard them.Qualcomm in July asked the ITC to prohibit the import and sale of iPhone 7 and iPad models

that apparently infringe on a set of 6 patents that assist smart phones get much better battery life. The complaint was especially restricted to gadgets using Intel modems rather of those developed by Qualcomm and its sub-contractors. With its new ITC grievance, Qualcomm is looking to include Apple’s recently released iPhone 8 and iPhone X units in the prospective restriction for utilizing completing Intel chips.Source: Macrumors