Charleston 5-year-old offers up presents for her birthday to provide back

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Posted on: December 15, 2017
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CHARLESTON, S.C. ( WCIV) -A little woman is making a huge difference in the Lowcountry. Simply days before her Fifth birthday, she informed her parents she didn't want any presents this year.

Rather, she wished to give back.Davis Trager turned 5 Monday. She goes to Mason Preparatory School. Her school mascot is a knight, and being like a knight is valuable to Davis. "Due to the fact that I like being good.

At my school it's called being a great knight,"Davis said.But this knight takes being great

to the next level. Her mother, Kelly Trager, says she is so pleased with her child."We were getting home from school one day, she had a school assembly and she told us rather of getting presents, she wished to assist more individuals get food,"Kelly said.Davis 'mother called the Lowcountry Food Bank and set up the birthday food drive.

"They told us they have the new program called Celebrations for a Cause, and it was a best thing," stated Kelly.It was an ideal method for Davis to make a difference. "I want more and more individuals to have enough food for their life,"Davis stated."Not many 5-year-olds would offer up their birthday

presents to get food for other people, however Davis did,"her mom said.So far, they've raised more than$600 for the Lowcountry Food Bank. The food drive will go through completion of this week.If you wish to drop off any donations for Davis'birthday food drive, you can go to 290 King St. or, to make a contribution online, click here.