Your iPhone is Slowing Down & It’s Not an Apple Conspiracy

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Posted on: December 16, 2017
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However, the case is somewhat various. Yes, there is some truth to the conspiracy, however the genuine perpetrator are not the updates (a minimum of not according to this research) but it’s easy deterioration and the non-removable battery of an iPhone is to blame for the performance change.Some people tried

to prove this theory and learnt that iPhone’s processor performance declines when their its battery capacity is decreased. The problem was very first seen in the iPhone 6 and Sixes, people presumed that Apple lowered the efficiency of the preceding models using their updates in order to increase sales of more recent iPhones.The reducing battery capability isn’t truly Apple’s fault, this is how Lithium batteries work. Their capability degrades upon every recharge. Obviously, the decreasing performance is still a fault at Apple’s end, as the iOS has a’feature ‘to optimize battery life by analyzing the battery statistics such as its capability and discharge rate and changing the CPU clock speed accordingly.If it identifies a lower capacity, it merely reduces the clock speed to obtain more battery life and in-turn decrease the efficiency

of the system.The clock speed in an iPhone 6 or Sixes should be 1848MHz. If you have an iPhone, you can examine the current clock speed using benchmark apps such as CPU DasherX. Numerous people, with older batteries, reported clock speeds much lower than standard– some times as low as 600MHz. All of this seems to be connected to Apple’s iOS 10, which likewise has anotherbug that brings the battery level drop from 30 %to 1%in a matter of seconds.