Apple is limiting iPhone 6s and 7 CPU efficiency

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Posted on: December 30, 2017
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While Apple has actually never ever had to deal with a scandal as bad as the one that triggered Samsung’s overall Galaxy Note 7 recall last year, we all remember the negative publicity generated by the “Bendgate” controversy back in 2014.

The occasional random iPhone surge Kept Cupertino constantly on its toes, not to mention the damage control required once the full” Mistake 53 “story was out. Much more just recently, unexpected iPhone Sixes shutdowns were (partially) fixed with a software update after an initial explanation generated both laughter and user frustration.Bottom line, Apple is no stranger to public criticism, and the newest outcry may have something to do with the abovementioned shutdown concern. It appears CPU performance was drastically lowered on the iPhone Sixes running iOS 10.2.1 and approximately prevent putting too much pressure on the 4.7-incher’s aging battery.This way, the handset’s life can be in theory extended, as users do not have to fret about either unexpected freezes and system terminations or low endurance times between battery charges. Again, a maimed processor can cause simply as numerous headaches as a faulty battery, if not more, requiring an upgrade to a more recent iPhone generation.Worse yet, this type of concealed performance downgrade by method of a software”update”might have ended up being business policy, as suggested by a comparable deterioration of benchmark scores for the iPhone 7 after the iOS 11.2″promotion.”To our knowledge, the iPhone 7 never exhibited the exact same glitchy behavior as the 6s, so Apple cannot justify the abrupt drop in theoretical(and useful)CPU speed as an essential preservation method.That leaves the old

“prepared obsolescence” conspiracy theory as the only rational description for this evidence-backed move. Basically, Apple seems to be purposefully decreasing previous iPhone generations starting at an arbitrary point in order to encourage people to purchase more recent devices.Interestingly enough, changing the utilized battery of a maimed iPhone 6s seems restoring the handset’s preliminary efficiency levels.