Conserve 5 dollars on Just Mobile’s streamlined Apple Watch stands [Minimal time sale]

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Posted on: February 1, 2018

Note: Advertising rates for this sale ends January 31. Last month’s deal of HoverDock, TimeStand and Lounge Dock. HoverDock Apple Watch Charging Dock HoverDock’s offers cable management hidden inside thedock.Photo:

Thanks To Simply Mobile Its soft-touch plastic

inner core is surrounded by a unibody-aluminum ring.
Remove the dock’s base, and you can

keep your Apple Watch charging cable inside– cable television management at its finest! HoverDock keeps your valuable Apple Watch safe and charged, and doubles as a terrific little bedside alarm clock.To usage, cover the charging cable television around the dock’s hollow inner core and snap the charging puck into place at the assigned grooves. The charging puck will appear to rest on top

of the dock, popping its go out the HoverDock’s center opening. Snap on the bottom half of the dock, and you’re all set to charge.HoverDock works with all Apple Watch designs and both 38 mm and 42 mm sizes. It stands 1.4-inches high and 3.7-inches large. Charging cable not included.Buy from:$34.95 at Watch Shop TimeStand Apple Watch Charging Stand TimeStand is the striking aluminum Apple Watch charging stand. Precision-machined from a single cylinder of state-of-the-art aluminum, its distinct circular cut-out provides it a significant profile even when empty.Photo: Simply Mobile The charging stand that integrates stunning type and function with a compact footprint. The TimeStand

Charging Wait Just Mobile is similar to a small sculpture for your desk or nightstand to proudly display (and, charge!)your Apple Watch. A triumph of kind and function, TimeStand is available in Silver or Black.A recessed groove down the length of
the stand keeps the cable television in location all while being perfectly included into the stand’s style. The groove routes the charging cable through the base of TimeStand and comes back from a hole in the back. Very smooth, extremely streamlined.Once popped into place, the charger sits up high enough above the circular recess that the watch and stand never ever in fact fulfill– making sure no scratching of either stand or watch, and correct charging.The designers have cut a C-shape into the side of this aluminum stand, which is not only visually interesting, however practical. The cutout enables you to install Apple Watch for accuseding of its strap attached or loosened around the stand.TimeStand is compatible with all Apple Watch designs and both 38 mm and 42 mm sizes. Magnetic charging cable not included.Buy from: $34.95$ 39.95 at Watch Store Lounge Dock Apple Watch Charging Stand Just Mobile’s Lounge Dock is an attractive adjustable charging stand that will take pride of location on any desktop or bedside table.Photo: Thanks to Simply Mobile We like terrific design in all its kinds– particularly when that kind is an adorable and
compact charging mean Apple Watch. Simply Mobile once again strikes all the marks in fusing function and style with its adjustable-angle charging stand

, the Lounge Dock. What’s cool and assists identify the Lounge Dock from the myriad AppleWatch battery chargers on the market is its display screen adjustability. I can adjust the black cuff holding the watch in place to the best viewing angle. Pop it on the bedside table or desk, change

appropriately and it’s incredibly simple to connect with my Apple Watch while it charges. Multipurpose. I like that.This appealing little stand’s base and arm are made from
precision-machined aluminum, while the soft-touch black cuff is developed not to scratch the Apple Watch while it’s charging. The non-slip rubber pad attached

to its slightly weighted base means the Lounge Dock stays put and will not scratch surfaces.Buy from:$ 34.95 at Watch Store