Warning: This link will crash the Messages app on your iPhone– BGR

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Posted on: February 3, 2018

Over the past few years, a weird new phenomenon has emerged that includes links or strings of characters efficient in crashing apps and gadgets. Among the very first extensively advertised examples can be found in the form of method more than$24 While some users were unaffected by clicking the link, 9to5Mac was able to reproduce the issues, such as crashing the Messages app on both the sender and the recipient’s devices. Going back into the thread in Messages that consisted of the link would trigger the app to continually crash, which forced both parties to erase the thread.Other issues consisted of Safari crashing and “remarkable lag “in the Messages app

on iOS and macOS. Masri didn’t explain exactly what is causing the connect to have such a remarkable impact, however this isn’t really the first bug of its kind and likely will not be the last. chaiOS appears to impact all the most recent public variations of iOS and macOS, as well as some beta versions. If you desperately want to see it in action, the link can be discovered in the ingrained tweet below(but be prepared to deal with the consequences ). And for paradise’s sake, do not send it to an unwary friend.Apple has yet to provide any kind of response, however anticipate the bug to be resolved in a future upgrade.

That said, chaiOS doesn’t posture a major or immediate risk to the stability of the affected device, so it may be a while. Tags:,,,