CNN blames Apple for bombarding users with repeated Apple News push notice

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Posted on: February 8, 2018

CNN blames Apple for bombarding users with repeated Apple News push notification

Earlier today, a variety of iPhone owners were flooded by a series of repeated Apple News push alerts informing users to CNN’s follow-up on Hawaii’s incorrect ballistic rocket alarm. The news organization has given that provided a declaration blaming Apple for the mishap.While just a subset

of iPhone users were affected by the apparent bug, the constantly duplicated push notice triggered some to air their grievances on Twitter. According to user accounts, some saw

CNN’s heading– about the firing of the Hawaii Emergency Management Company staff member who set off an errant ballistic missile alarm two weeks back– repeated every 7 seconds for a duration of about ten minutes. CNN has the ability to press breaking news headings as an authorized Apple News partner.

These alerts are sent to users who decided in to get signals from the news service, as well as other outlets, upon setting up the Apple News app or by toggling push notifications on in the” Following” area. In a subsequent tweet from CNN Communications, the business stated it sent just one alert, recommending the issue lies with Apple News. “We are mindful that some Apple News users recently received multiples of the exact same alert. Our server log shows CNN sent just one.

We are working with Apple to recognize their problem, as users on CNN-owned platforms did not experience an issue. Apologies to those who did, “CNN said.The irony of the situation was not lost on those who got the repeated notification, a mistake reminiscent of Hawaii’s false ballistic missile alert.CNN fired off a push notice of the story about the official behind the Hawaiian missile alert accident being fired, and there’s clearly something wrong due to the fact that I have actually now gotten this notice 30+times. How’s that for

paradox?– Evan (@EvanXDuckett) January 30, 2018 As Apple has actually not talked about the issue, it is unlikely users will find out exactly what precisely happened. While vetted partners like CNN can / 560 Gray

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