Last call: Sell your iPhone trade-in for money and purchase a 38-day prolonged lock at Gazelle

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Posted on: February 8, 2018

Time is running out to secure a price for your used iPhone with an extended grace period ahead of Apple’s expected iPhone 7. Now through Sept. 7, offer your iPhone to Gazelle for as much as $306 and hang on to the gadget up until Oct. 14.

Lock in a price for your iPhone trade-in now and send it in by Oct. 14 (ends Sept. 7)

Ahead of Apple’s prepared for the time to lock in a money deal preceeding the”See you on the 7th “event. Now through Sept. 7, lock in a trade-in worth for your iPhone and have until Oct. 14 to send by mail in the gadget(all used cell phones qualify for the promo). Plus, get a$ 20 credit that can be used on Gazelle store purchase of $30 or more when you sell a device. How huge of a money payout will I get for my Apple trade-in? Lock in a cost now for your iPhone and keep the device until Oct. 14. As of press time, Gazelle was paying $264 for

a 64GB iPhone Sixes Plus (Verizon ), $180 for a 64GB iPhone 6 Plus (Verizon), $164 for a 64GB iPhone 6 (AT&T), and$ 90 for a 64GB iPhone 5s design(AT&T)in “Excellent”condition. Unlocked iPhones, those in flawless condition, or models with a greater capacity often pay a bit more, while those with less storage or broken parts typically pay the least. You can see Gazelle’s existing payment rates below and on Gazelle’s site. Similar trade-in offers ahead of the anticipated iPhone7

Similar deals are also available on iPhone trade-ins ahead of Apple’s”See you on the 7th “event. Money payments for utilized iPhones might be higher for specific models with benefit discount coupons, but the rate lock duration is typically shorter than Gazelle’s present offer (lock in a price by Sept. 7 and deliver the gadget by Oct. 14 ). Depending on when new models ship, you may need to part with your device prior to receiving a next-gen iPhone.How to trade in your iPhone for money in minutes Step 1: To begin the process, recognize your existing iPhone from Gazelle’s

website (by selecting your model , carrier and capability) and after that rapidly evaluate its condition– broken, good, or perfect. Gazelle will then supply you with an immediate money offer quote. Click the orange”Earn money”button to continue with the process to secure the trade-in value for up to 38 days.Step 2: You’ll then be asked to log in to your Gazelle account (if you have one)or quickly develop one(withjust an e-mail, name & password ). You can then choose how you prefer to be paid: by PayPal, check, or through an Amazon Gift & Card(get an extra 5%with this technique). Alternatively, you can donate the proceeds from the sale of your iPhone to a charity of your option. Step 3: Gazelle will then request your address so it can send you a pre-paid shipping box(for

small electronic devices with a trade-in worth of$30 or more) that you can use to send in your iPhone when you’re ready. You can select to have Gazelle email you a pre-paid shipping label and you can affix it to your own box. Step 4: Within days, the pre-paid shipping box will appear at your doorstep. Just put your old device in package by Oct. 14 and send it off to Gazelle.(You do not need to send in any cords or power plugs, just the gadget itself. )As soon as your gadget is gotten, Gazelle will totally wipe the individual data off your phone(if you haven’t currently)

and after that return it to its initial factory settings. It will then pay you via Paypal, e-mail( for an Amazon Gift Card), or issue a check for the money worth of the device you lock in today. Using a buyback service like Gazelle recently has ended up being a significantly popular way for customers to manage updating each year to Apple

‘s newest smart device by offsetting the cost of those new devices with the cash they make from selling their old iPhones throughout peak buyback season.Additional Apple Deals AppleInsider and Apple licensed resellers are likewise running a handful of additional unique promotions this month on Apple hardware that will not just deliver the least expensive rates

on many of the items

, but likewise throw in totally free presents like Parallels 12 or a SuperDrive. These deals are as follows: